Education Ministry expands digitization to improve governance and service delivery functions

Bangsamoro professional leads digitalization effort to establish systems that build trust and credibility for a new government

Photo: Ustadz Haron Salah of the Bangsamoro Education Ministry’s information technology office

Looking forward, the ICT Team is planning for a unified system for Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Payroll at the MBHTE-BARMM. “Because the data from HR and from Plantilla are different, they must coincide. So, we are working on that to have connectivity”, Ustadz Haron said.

The ICT Head also mentioned about other support from Pathways.

“We also asked for Pathways’ support in setting up our internal network. When we started, there was really no internet connection per office. Together with Pathways, we were able to establish internet connection each office. Employees were able to work better. They can now send data. This is especially useful with the pandemic since virtual communication has become a necessity”, he said.

Salah’s determination is manifested by how he acts immediately on solutions to the problems at the Ministry. “We check on each office regularly to ask them their problems related to ICT to help speed up their work”, Salah stated.

He expressed thanks to Pathways for the support. “Through the help of Pathways, there is indeed a noticeable change at MBHTE. From equipment, skills and knowledge, the assistance has been very valuable. We hope to continue this partnership with the Pathways program. Their support enables us to contribute more effectively to education reform in the Bangsamoro,” ended Salah.


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